Gallery Wapped Art

Gallery wrapped art  is a term applied to an image printed or transferred by vacuum press onto canvas or hand stripped of its paper backing and adhered to the canvas surface. 

It is often favored over the traditional glass covered, matted image for several reasons:


  • It is light weight compared with a glass framed picture

  • Reflection is minimal

  • No glass to cause injury in case of accident

  • The cost of framing is saved                                                                                             

Choice of Matte of Gloss Print

Depending on the publisher licensed by the artist, Images may printed on a choice of matte or gloss canvas. The latter is canvas to which a gloss film as been applied before the image is printed, which gives the image itself a slightly glossy look. Either can be embellished with brush strokes.



A term used to describe either when the original artist re-prints then over-paints areas of the original image to make it look orginal. Well known artists do this to add to the price of a printed copy by thousands of dollars. It also describes the careful mimicking of an original image by re-applying the original brush strokes. Unfortunately the haphazard daubing or rolling on of an an acrylic medium by canvas distributors is also described as "embellishment' and the difference is clearly seen. Embellishment is not always appropriate, especially if the printed copy shows no evidence of the depth of the original brush strokes.

Canvas Image is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars and fastened to the back. It can also be printed by a process known as 'Mirror border' where entire image is displayed with a copy of the last 2" of the sides wrapped around.  This is hangable without a frame. 

Optional 1-1/2" stretcher bars offer greater depth and visibility for either gallery wrap or museum wrap images.

This so authentic we call it "replica art" because it mimics the artists original technique. For a  small additional charge of .10c a square inch , brush strokes are skillfully added exactly conforming with the original brush strokes. This is NOT the "Brushstoke" method offered by Publishers which is often simply a medium daubed or rolled on the canvas. 

For a small additional cost the sides of any museum or gallery wrapped canvas can be painted to give it a more complete look. Choose from a variety of colors or let us choose the most dominant color for you.


Museum Wrap. The image goes to the edges of the surface, leaving the bare canvas sides .75" deep. This is only recommended if the stretched canvas is to be inserted inside a frame so the sides not seen. An image hung without framing looks better gallery wrapped on 1-1/2" stretcher bars.