Laminate Framed Art


Light weight, UV resistant, non-glare, glass-less frame. Safe for kid's rooms and high traffic areas. Great for niches and recesses!

All the images displayed in our galleries may be also ordered mounted on a sturdy , high density  wood fibre plaque with a bevelled edge. Prints are protected against moisture, UV light, smudges and scratches, as the image is permanently sealed on UV protected laminate.

Sizes range from 5" x 7" to 48" x 96"





An additional 1" deep wooden frame is added to the back, giving it a mounted canvas look.


Matted Plaque Mount

The image is mounted on a larger colored matt board, creating a 1-1/2"  or custom width border around the image.


Combo/Raised Plaque Mount

Similar to the matted plaque mount but the image is raised off the frame for a dynamic three dimensional effect.



Lies flat against the wall with a keyhold notch on the back for hanging.



A 3/4" platform is added to the back. This projects the frame out from the wall , creating a 'floating' effect. Idea for recessed wall and niches.




An additional 1" deep wooden frame is added to the back of the mount.





      White                               Black                      B&W Marble            White Marble        Blue Marble                      Granite                       Green                   Silver      a little more about you.

      Gold                               Pastel Yellow                    Pink                  Cocoa Brown                    Blue                           Almond                         Red                     Sierra Walnut     a little more about you.

     Oak     a little more about you.

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