MARMOREAL is an old English word that literally means 'Marble-like" which is a perfect description for the color and finish of the decorative art Tony created after much experiment. The marble surface it depicts would be rare indeed if found, especially as it can be painted to work closely with the room color scheme.  It is originally produced on a variety of surfaces then scanned and printed on your choice of substrate, up to 54" by any length on canvas. It can also be printed on glass, acrylic, metal, wood, paper, or tile.

The colors and patterns of marble and quartzite lend themselves well to decorating, which is why they have increasingly been used and admired over the centuries in their natural form. Floors, columns, countertops, backsplashes, entire walls are constructed from this rock, mined throughout the world


Nature is the perfect abstract artist so why not try to mimic it? Tony has mastered the art using not only colors found in natural rock and ocean currents but patterns created in colors that may complement the room décor.  Besides rock patterns created by pressure and minerals over thousands of years, ocean currents are another inspiration. These result in contrasting darker and lighter flowing patterns often with contrasting cells influenced by the interference rays of light. 

                                                                                          TO VIEW LARGER RUN CURSER OVER IMAGE AND CLICK

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