Custom Color

Love an image and wish the color was different? Need an exclusive piece of art work? Provide us with the Pantone color, fabric swatch, or paint chip and in many cases we'll have a custom print created  to match your decor. Present us with an idea of what you have in mind - subject, color size and we'll come up with several ideas.  

Custom Size

Print images can be enlarged or reduced in size to suit your wall space. The image size is governed by the maximum available size of the paper or canvas.  Giclee prints are sized up to  50" wide by any length canvas, 40" x 60" on metal, 30" x 40" on acrylic. To cover larger space, we suggest image is split into more than one piece and printed separately.

Custom Media
Non-Reflective Preferred

Our images are directly  printed onto artist grade cotton or linen canvas using a sophisticated digital process, and expertly stretched around 1-1/2" bars carefully gallery wrapped, finished with hand painted edges or with a mirror image at the sides.


For a 'Wow' effect, an image can be printed on metal. The inks are dye-infused onto a specially coated aluminum and sealed with a gem-like UV coating that is water and scratch resistant. The colors are more vibrant than on paper or canvas. The inks are infused into the metal and not just sprayed on the surface.

Or printed on acrylic sheet. Presented behind acrylic and face mounted directly on the acrylic, your image will have remarkable depth and color intensity. The latest UV-resistant 6-color print ensures colors are particularly intense.

Florida light is bright and reflections can be annoying. Large sized glass and frame covered pictures are heavy and also should not be placed in bathrooms, children's rooms or where reflection can be a problem. Acrylic glazing helps but is expensive. Non-reflective glazing dulls the image. This is why we recommend canvas, aluminum or acrylic substrate without glass, finished with a gloss or matt acrylic coating  to protect the print from dust and moisture. These can be hung either 'Gallery wrapped' or bonded to aluminum or acrylic, and floated from the wall using a hidden frame behind.